Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catching them all like pokemon!

Phew! this week @mygreatiphone & Jesse aka @liljiggajlm they keep throwing things at me, with designs, & i of course have my mitt to throw them back with designs in couple hours!! its a good thing for me so i can be on my tippy toes!! Took about 3 hours to make it.. since he given me a idea already how it should be like for his avatar for his twitter. so i had to do it from the button up. he ask me to do ''Except instead of the tape, the apple logo and instead of the puppet master hand Cydia with in the banner and LILJIGGAJLM IN REPLACE OF "exclusive" - He dint ask me to put a picture of him self i just thought it fit with the whole idea of the picture, if i cropped of him self in to the logo. the blue is so sexy!! here is a better picture..

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