Photoshop tips

im going to be randomly post tips on how to get use to using Photo Shop on my own view.. First fonts! when u use photoshop u going to end up using fonts.. half of the time.. best way of getting free n unique fonts will be here Dafont"best place to find them n download them on your mac/pc also don't download to many u might slow them your CPU

Deviant-art to me personally is the best site to go to get inspired, its a online community full of designers just like my self. theirs million of designs that people make across the world to share their work. from photography, websites interfaces,digital art, skins for applications, tutorials and amazing wallpaper. endless research! So u should go check it out at make account n go get motivated.

Behance is like Deviant-art but i think more professional their are some amazing work on there, i always get motivated and inspired